About us

Designer and Manufacturer of seats

For the last 70 years, Quinette Gallay has developed a unique experience in accompanying architects, scenographers, technical directors, operators for old style theaters, ultra-modern complexes and even conference rooms worldwide.

Technical expertise and international project management

Integrate and respect the requirements for acoustic, visual, aesthetic and mechanical aspects of all these different environments, it is indeed a very precise knowledge that we have painstakingly built up through more than 5000 references and that we know how to use according to the codes, regulations and specificities of all countries of the world.

Innovation & Design

To this end, our support for projects starts from the design of the venues. We are focused on finding innovative, simple and useful solutions, while taking into account the constraints of our customers that we see as opportunities to excel.

Craft and industrial excellence

Our seats are designed both to contribute to the beauty of a room, its brightness, its functionality but also to quietly fade away when the curtain opens. And so,  we know how to use the finest fabrics, the most precious woods, the most comfortable foams or simply the strongest and most elegant legs.

Passion, vision, emotion

To enhance the show by placing the audience in the best possible conditions to get enthusiastic during a theatrical or musical performance, to  concentrate during a conference or to feel  emotion in a great movie, this has been our main concern since the creation of our company.