After-Sales & Refurbishment

A personalised Customer Service

Selling chairs is just a start. We accompany our customers throughout the life span of our seating. From providing spare parts or fabric covers to refurbishing entire halls,
we meet the broad needs of our customers. The experience that we have gained during our 70 years of existence, together with our responsiveness, result in the recognised professionalism of the Quinette Gallay After-Sales Service.

With four dedicated employees and with the support of the company’s teams, the Quinette Gallay After Sales Dpt. manages and carries out your repairs in the best possible conditions.

After having analysed and diagnosed the seating to renovate, a listing of requirements is made. The mechanical elements of the seats are reviewed and new parts can be proposed to improve comfort. Backrests, armrests, end panels can also be replaced to provide new aesthetics for an up-dated look while retaining the original structural elements of the chair.

Because Quinette Gallay knows its own seating better than anyone, we know best how to maintain the good condition of our products as well as the maintenance of the refurbished ones.

The Quinette Gallay After Sales Dept. also repairs competitors’ seating.

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Renovation of your equipment

Our services:

  • Renovation per original
  • Custom made
  • Upgrading to standard (PMR, AM18, BS7176 …)

The plus points of Quinette Gallay

  • We listen, we find solutions
  • Limited operating loss
  • More than 50 years of archives.
  • Monitoring your assets.

Monitoring your auditorium

Our services :

  • Preventive / curative maintenance
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Removal / Storage / Installation

The plus points of Quinette Gallay

  • To maintain the equipment
  • Safety & Comfort
  • Flexibility of our teams
  • Material monitoring form