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Our chairs - your atmosphere
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To create the best possible atmosphere for audiences... to help them to be thrilled, excited, focused... to make sure that every single person shares in the emotion.… this has been Quinette Gallay's ethos for the last 70 years.


With design and manufacturing facilities based in France, Quinette Gallay creates seating for theatres, auditoriums, conference centres and cinemas with flair and craftsmanship. Our expertise in design, innovation and manufacture dates back to 1947, and we enjoy working closely with architects and clients to specify the perfect seat for each venue. Importantly, we also offer customers lifetime care for their chairs through our after sales division. Whether your venue is a theatre, a movie theatre or conference venue, you can assured that your audience will enjoy beautifully-made auditorium seats for many years to come.

Our Customers


Our theatre seats range from classic to contemporary. Each chair can be customised from an extensive range of options. Whatever you’re looking for – clean lines, comfort or traditional detailing, we have a theatre seat for you. Go to our Product Page to find your perfect chair.


Our conference seating range features a diverse range of chair designs, each with the option of a high quality folding writing tablet for your delegates’ convenience. You can customise your conference chairs from a wide choice of options. Go to our Product Page to find your perfect chair.


We offer comfortable general cinema chairs as well as a range of VIP seats with all the latest accessories, plus sliding and reclining chairs. Whatever level of luxury you want to offer your movie-goers, we can build the chair for you. Go to our Product Page to find your perfect cinema or VIP chair.