Mastery of manufacturing

In our over 5,000+ m2 factory located in Montreuil, we have mastered all the phases of manufacturing. Thanks to appropriate premises and equipment required for the production of seating, Quinette Gallay ensures a consistent quality rarely equalled among seats builders.

Raws materials are controlled at delivery to our workshops, they are then machined and assembled by our skilled and experienced workers. The automated cutting machine LECTRA allows our teams to work quickly and efficiently throughout the production phase of a project. The assembly chain of seating combines speed, efficiency and quality of finishes. Everything is directed and controlled by our workers.

We also produce accessories such as:

  • Hand embroidered numbering and logos
  • Numbering on plastic / metal plates

Our products are certified premium quality.

Frise Quinette Fab 3

Installation of seating

Two Quinette employees are in charge of the installation and removal of seating for Quinette Gallay. With 35 years of experience, our two colleagues travel the world to handle the Quinette Gallay products in the best possible conditions. On major projects, they set-up teams strengthened with additional specialised resources. From time to time, Quinette Gallay calls on former in-house workers to benefit from their unique expertise.

The strong point of our team, in addition to its experience, is its flexibility. In an environment where schedules vary, we get organised according to your schedule to carry out the seating installation.


« Fast Track » project

Thanks to our flexible and reactive organisation, we can develop “Fast track” projects to equip your space in a few weeks and still guarantee the Quinette quality.


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