Design & engineering

A team of experts for your projects

Our team consists of a dozen experts. Each of them is an essential link to the design chain of the seating: design study, costing, implementation study and validation of compliance with standards ( flammability, building codes) in force in each country.

The development of a prototype is a key phase in the design of the project. Quinette Gallay manufactures the parts, then assembles a model. Our technicians check the relevance of their choices on this prototype, they validate comfort through ergonomic study, optimize the height of the seat and armrest.

Redesigned seats for each customer

At Quinette Gallay, we guarantee the integration of seating in its environment. We are attentive to the demands of the  customer and to all the technical and aesthetic constraints. We rely on our team of qualified personnel who are specifically dealing with the seating layouts and the integration of the seats in their environment.

quinette Maison de la Radio

Generally in constant touch with architects, designers and clients, our teams integrate the customers’ requirements while adding their own know-how, fruit of a long experience at Quinette Gallay. Fixed or tip-up seats can be recommended depending on the constraints. Similarly, the depth is determined by the dimension of the venue and the number of seats to set up .

Products are developed based on our market research, the study of trends and our technical expertise. Our very creative teams contribute to the design of modern and innovative Quinette Gallay seating.

All the while, using our know how to integrate issues related to the environment, the various regulations and space management, and this from the first estimate.