Cube Auditorium and Conference Seating by Quinette Gallay

Remarkably versatile, Cube conference seating has what it takes to meet the needs of the most demanding conference venues.

Sharp and elegant at first glance, the chair also provides the occupant with a supportive triple curved backrest. This will ensure that they enjoy the very best comfort even during long conference sessions.

The armrest can support multiple options and accessories, connecting people to technology easily and comfortably.

A folding writing table, ultra-compact, with safety glass or wood finish, complements the Cube seats to create a true workspace.

Cube Harvard is a special version of the chair we developed for Harvard Business School with elegant timber trim and armrest toppers.

We also offer the Cube Conference model with an integrated fold-away writing tablet. You can find that on its own product page.

Chair Options

  • Embroidered seat numbering and/or row lettering
  • Decorative stitch details
  • Plywood back shell with various wood veneers and stains available upon request.
  • Plywood seat shell with optional acoustic perforations
  • Removable seat options
  • End of row aisle lighting
  • Electronic interface integrated into armrest

Download Technical Information

Technical Description – Cube
Technical Drawing – Cube
Technical Description – Cube Harvard
Technical Drawing – Cube Harvard