Atrium 57, Gembloux

Project name / Atrium 57, Gembloux
City / Gembloux
Country /
Segment / ,
Capacity / 375
Year of installation / 2019
Model /

Atrium 57 Gembloux Atrium 57 Gembloux 3

The Gembloux Atrium 57 Cultural Center is a place where people and culture come together. The local authority recently undertook a major renovation of the building, bringing it up to date whilst preserving its character.

Inside the redesigned auditorium, Quinette Gallay installed 375 ‘Madrid’ seats. The highly durable (80,000 Martindale cycles) “Radio” fabric used was carefully specified in three colours, ‘randomly’ arranged in the space to add a spark of life to the auditorium.

As is common with older buildings, some adaptations had to be made on site to compensate for imperfections in the sloped floor.

Designed to bring together many artistic disciplines, this contemporary space ensures that the pursuit of artistic and cultural activity will continue – without the soul of the building being lost.

Architect: Lejuste Architect